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Carol Wright

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Steve Madden

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Luke Wright

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Dan Cooper

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Haley Preston

A friend recommended this amazing service providers for my book’s proofreading and I have to say, she was certainly right. Worldwide Book Publishing has a team of professional proofreaders who not only made corrections by also adjusted the formatting of my book. My life’s never been easier.

Rebecca Carey


Worldwide Book Publishing is a professional book publishing and marketing agency that helps authors get the best returns out of their investments by optimizing the most efficient marketing channels for the books. it is one of the largest book publishers in the world, with a publishing program that includes both traditional and self-publishing. book publishing has helped authors reach the bestseller lists and prominent placement in bookstores all over the world.

We provide services like Amazon Author Central, Amazon Book Promotion Services and Author Platform Building Services. We also help authors increase their visibility by sharing their content on social media and other platforms.

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Clients have complete ownership and control over their publications, accounts, and earnings, as we guide them through every step of the process. We do not retain any rights or take a percentage of their income.

The primary objective of book publishing is to sell them. To achieve this goal, we develop a marketing plan for your book's discoverability as it's impossible to promote a book that remains undiscovered. We prioritize creating a book that aligns with the marketing plan.



Whether you need assistance with editing your manuscript, creating a book cover, or completing the necessary steps for formatting and publishing your work, we are here to help. We connect authors and readers around the world.

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